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the winner...CONTACT ANGELA

I don't use fibre glass or any other rigid materials. My elephant costume for Coventry City Football Club can do headstands and all the costumes are so flexible and comfortable to wear that they can even run races!

All original design work undertaken, or I can work from existing designs. 'Good as New' cleaning and repair service always available.

They are more like soft sculptures to me than dressmaking. I put the same commitment and effort into the styling whatever the character or client. They are my children if you like, I like to retain contact and give a service which involves contact with the wearer and an effort to make it work for them comfort and characterwise.

The Stag

As you can see from the pages on this web site - no request is too unusual!!

Two Birds

The advantage of my set up is that you don't just talk to a salesperson, you talk to the salesperson / designer / maker all at once, so I can answer all questions, and be flexible with the solutions. I can say what can and can't be done straight away!!

Angela Hallam

Angela and Yorkie

You can contact Angela Hallam via email by clicking HERE.

Check out the NEWS page to find out where you can buy her Cosy Creatures, Fairies and Cat Bags.

Theo Wyvern


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